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7 Reasons To Choose Luxury Villas For Your Next Staycation

    7 Reasons To Choose Luxury Villas For Your Next Staycation

    Luxury villas have become a trend these days for staycations. Besides, if you’re planning on going on a holiday with a big group, a staycation villa would be the ideal choice. However, if you’re not convinced whether you should book a hotel or a luxury villa, below we list down some of the reasons why you should!

    What is a luxury villa?

    Luxury villas are just like hotels – with the same facilities and amenities. The only difference? You won’t be sharing the facilities with other strangers like in hotels. Instead of being charged per room, you will be charged per night instead.

    Most luxury villas have more than 2 bedrooms with facilities such as swimming pools or game rooms. The more people you have on board, the less you’ll have to pay for the luxury villa rent!

    Reasons Why You should Choose Luxury Villas for your Next Staycation

    1. Spacious living

    The amount of space offered in luxury villas is nothing compared to hotels. There’s simply plenty of land in terms of indoor and outdoor. The entire property is yours. You can even hold a picnic on the grass (if there’s any) or plan some outdoor games around the compound. Without a doubt, there’s sufficient space for everyone to enjoy and not feel so suffocated.

    2. Ample amount of privacy

    You’ll have the entire luxury villa all to yourselves. There will not be any random strangers around your premises. Hence, you won’t have to worry about revealing your true selves to anyone else other than your invited guests.

    3. Less cost required

    The rates of luxury villas are much cheaper in the long run compared to luxury hotels. For luxury hotels, you’ll have to pay per room, including per meal. Luxury villas usually come with a kitchen, so you can even whip up your meals or simply order a bunch of food for a lower price. Plus, luxury villas charge per night, so no matter how many rooms you occupy or how many pax stay in the villa, the price remains the same.

    4. Customised vacation stay

    There’s no need to care about what time the swimming pool closes. You won’t have to follow any time limit as the entire luxury villa is yours. Besides that, everyone is free to do or wear whatever they want as there are no rules or restrictions.

    5. Well-equipped facilities and amenities

    Luxury villas tend to have everything you need such as toilet amenities and a fully-equipped kitchen. They also offer free WiFi and entertainment systems such as Xbox or arcade machines. The majority of luxury villas have a private swimming pool too.

    6. Amazing locations

    You won’t find a luxury villa that’s in the middle of a crowded city. The majority of staycation villas are situated around lush greenery with plenty of landscape. If you didn’t know already, being surrounded by nature will improve one’s mood, especially on holidays. Some are even nearby beaches, giving you a good view of the sea.

    7. Comfort at its finest

    A staycation villa is somewhat similar to your home, except you’re not required to clean up and do any chores. You will feel comfortable while still feeling like you’re on a holiday. The main difference is that there are more facilities and amenities, making it more convenient for you to enjoy your stay.

    Luxury villa

    How much does a luxury villa rental cost in Malaysia?

    The luxury villa rent cost differs for each villa as it depends on the facilities and size of the space. Generally, it will cost about RM600 to RM1,500 per night.

    Planning a luxury villa staycation trip?

    Going for a break with your loved ones could do wonders for your overall well-being. If you’re looking for a place to spend time with them, check out some of the luxury villas situated in KL.