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9 Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds in Malaysia

    9 Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds in Malaysia

    Have you just been invited to a wedding and found it difficult to figure out what to get for them? Don’t worry, below, we rounded up some of the best door gifts for weddings in Malaysia that’ll leave a lasting impression on the newlyweds.

    Why Is It Necessary to Bring a Wedding Door Gift?

    Before attending a wedding, it’s customary to get gifts for newlyweds in Malaysia. Apparently, the reason why guests are required to bring a gift is out of respect for the invitation.

    Best Wedding Gift Ideas

    1. Personalised Wooden Couple Cup Set

    Nothing’s better than receiving an adorable matching wooden cup with your own name engraved on it! One of the best wedding gift ideas in Malaysia is to get a personalised gift where you can write your own heartfelt message along with the couple’s names.

    Price Range: RM145

    Personalized Wooden couple cup set

    2. Autumn Love Memento

    This gorgeous miniature bouquet of flowers makes one of the perfect wedding door gift ideas in Malaysia, especially if they love flowers (precisely the bride!). Besides, it can last for about 2 years so it can represent a subtle memory of their wedding day even after it has passed.

    Price Range: RM159

    Autumn Love Memento

    3. Personalised Housewarming Gift Set

    Another one of the heartfelt wedding gifts for couples in Malaysia would be to get personalised kitchenware! This set comes with a set of one wooden plate, bowl, linen placemat, and stainless steel spoon & fork. You can personalise the couple’s names on all of the items.

    Price Range: RM350

    housewarming gift set

    4. I, Isaac Take Thee Rebekah Gift Set

    Do you know what makes a great gift for a wedding in Malaysia? Well, if it’s packed with necessities that can take all the stress away! This gift set comes with various types of soap, lotions, shavers, and so on. There’s also an adorable miniature couple nestled in between. It’ll help the newlywed couple to relax after being stressed out planning their wedding.

    I, Isaac Take Thee Rebekah Gift Set

    5. Picture Frames

    The newlywed couple surely would want to frame up some pictures taken during their wedding day, making it one of the best gifts for newlyweds in Malaysia. You should definitely consider getting some nice picture frames in different sizes so that they have a few options to choose from.

    Price Range: RM59 to RM448

    Picture frame

    6. Personalised Couple Sleepwear

    Nothing’s cuter than getting matching sleepwear sets for a newlywed couple! When searching for wedding gift ideas in Malaysia, sleepwear clothing that is comfortable will be greatly appreciated by the couple, especially with their names engraved on it.

    Price Range: RM39.90 to RM200

    couple sleepwear

    7. Personalised Cutting Board

    A personalised chopping board is one of the best wedding gift ideas in Malaysia for couples who love to cook! Made out of bamboo, their names and wedding date can be engraved on the board so they’ll always have something to remind them of their special day.

    Price Range: RM224

    Personalized cutting board

    8. Wedding Figurine – Fine Handcrafted Wedding Collection

    Looking for wedding gifts for couples in Malaysia that are unique and totally personalised? This Wedding Figurine would be a perfect choice! You can choose the colours of the bride’s gown, bridal arch, hand bouquet, and even the bridegroom’s suit. It can be tailored to reflect the newlywed couple – they’ll surely appreciate this kind gesture.

    Price Range: RM190

    wedding figurine

    9. Handmade Crochet Wedding Couple

    Handmade crochet is such an adorable wedding door gift idea in Malaysia, any newlywed couple would love it! You can even choose the themes which are: Korean, Chinese, Indian, Bear, and Sailormoon. The newlywed couple can either keep them in the car or simply around their home.

    Price Range: RM259

    Handmade Crochet Wedding Couple

    Looking for a Wedding Venue to Rent?

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