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6 Things To Know About Garden Weddings

    6 Things To Know About Garden Weddings

    From the weather, choosing garden wedding venues to picking the right garden wedding packages, it can be overwhelming trying to plan a perfect garden wedding. Compared to an indoor wedding, you’ll have more things to think about as the risks of experiencing a bad event is much higher, thanks to external factors which come into play.

    Before you start stressing out, we’re here to help you by coming up with a checklist of the things you need to know about garden weddings so that you and your loved ones can worry less and instead, have a great time together. 

    1. Choose the right garden

    When looking for garden wedding venues, you’ll have to choose one that satisfies your needs and requirements. Don’t pick the garden wedding venues which are said to be popular but it doesn’t seem to match your taste. 

    There are several types of garden wedding venues. For instance, a local garden which is any public park or perhaps a botanical garden which is the more popular option. If you have a particular type of garden in mind such as a coastal garden or beach garden, to name a few, then you’ll need to do more research as it is not easy to find. 

    However, you can consider these Top 3 Garden Wedding Locations in KL: 

    1. The Estate KL
    2. G7 Villa Bangsar
    3. Bayswater at KLCC

    2. Beware of the weather

    It’s a given – when you’re planning a garden wedding or any kind of outdoor wedding, you’ll be bound to face unpredictable weather issues. When it rains suddenly or the day is just simply too cloudy with no sun in sight. 

    The best option would be to set up tents which offer ample protection against strong winds or showers. Besides, having tents during your garden wedding would be quite flattering as you could simply decorate it even further with hanging lights and so on. 

    Garden wedding

    3. Prepare a back up plan

    The weather brings us to the next point: prepare a backup just incase of extremely bad weather. To have a perfect garden wedding would be close to impossible. The best way to combat potential mishaps would be to prepare a backup plan with your wedding venue organizer. It’s better if they offer an indoor area when the weather messes up. 

    4. Make your guests comfortable

    Outdoor weddings in general means you’ll get exposed to the sun. You can make your guests more comfortable by preparing sunscreen or hand fans. This also brings us to our next point!

    And if some of your guests have certain diet restrictions such as being vegan or can’t consume non-halal food, it’s best to go for wedding catering which offers more than one option so that you can cater to all your guests. 

    Furthermore, when you have guests who are allergic to flowers, you might want to consider hypoallergenic flowers as well. 

    garden wedding

    5. Be well-prepared for pests

    Dealing with pests such as mosquitoes, bugs or insects is inevitable. What would be the best option to tackle these pests is to prepare bug spray, mosquito repellent, and so on. You could even place several lighted candles on every table as it is known to chase away flies. 

    Another thing to take note of is that certain flowers tend to attract these pests. We know you might have several types of flowers you’d like to have during your garden wedding, but be sure to pick the ones that insects or bugs hate such as lavender or chrysanthemums.

    6. Dress appropriately

    We all know the wedding dress would be the main highlight of your special occasion. Your wedding dress for a garden wedding should be picked carefully with the outdoor setting in mind. Why? Because there are various factors to consider such as your dress getting dirty from the grass or mud, as well as having to walk around the grass with high heels – that isn’t exactly ideal. 

    Aside from that, if your overall theme for the garden wedding is somewhat kind of a nature vibe, a white dress wouldn’t be ideal. Bear in mind, not just your own wedding dress but all of your groomsmen and bridesmaids should also match the same color tone as the overall wedding theme. 

    Without a question, you would have to notify your guests that you’re hosting a garden wedding. This is because they will be able to be well-prepared as outdoor weddings are slightly different from indoor weddings in terms of the way they dress, and so on. 


    Your wedding happens only once in a lifetime. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to hosting a wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Remember to take it easy and not stress too much! Take your time to do all the research and plan accordingly.